Pool Remodeling

It doesn't mean you have to stop there because your pool is smooth and has no cracks. Sometimes things can get a bit rusty and worn down, so let's use our infinite years of knowledge to map a scheme for you to have a 5-year-old pool that just looks like it's been constructed! We are at your disposal to make your vision a reality. We have no doubt that our attention to detail and craftsmanship will give you the pleasure of choosing us.

Pool Cleaning

Allow us to be the team to clean your swimming pool and you'll never have to worry about skimming the leaf surface, emptying boxes, adjusting water levels or looking into a green swimming pool. We are here to ensure that all your equipment works to the best of its capacity, while retaining the correct chemical balances / adjustments.

Pool Repair

Here at Manteca's we have some of the industry's most knowledgeable engineers who can handle all of your repair requirements. If you need assistance with filters, pumps, valves, heaters, etc., offer us a call and we're going to use our numerous years in the field to assess the work and find the best alternative.

Whether it’s your pool, your spa, your pump or your filter, we can fix it.

Pool Service Manteca specializes in pool maintenance and repairing pool equipment.

Pool Renovations

Pool replastering, Retiling, Caulking, Coping replacement, Equipment upgades, New pool decks, Retaining walls, Equipment automation.

Pool Service

Pool openings and Closings, Pump, Filter and Heater repairs, Automatic cleaner repairs, Weekly and Bi-weekly services.

Spa and Hot Tub

We perform diagnostic and repairs on Spas, Hot tubs and Jacuzzi’s

Leak Detection

If you notice your pool water drops more than 2 inches in a week, see puddles forming underneath pool equipment, have air in your system , it’s time to give us a call.

pool service manteca

Pool Service Manteca

Gathering family and friends for sunny weekends around the pool is no longer a dream. With the variety of designs and materials, having this space of fun and relaxation at home has become something much more affordable. However, all this joy and practicality comes with some responsibilities like a proper pool service Manteca. In this post, we’ll help you out with all the necessary info that you must know when it comes to service a pool in Manteca.

What is the importance of periodic care?

Having a pool will take a little effort, no way! Ignoring the importance of regular cleaning can be troublesome. Do you know why? Pool water is unbalanced when it comes in contact with anything.

Sweat, creams, repellents, pee or any skin conditions affect the composition of the water. With the naked eye, you may not notice all the harmful changes in the pool water, however, it’s a matter of concern. Rainwater is another factor that contributes to the imbalance, and gradually facilitates the process of algal blooms.

It is good to be aware that it is not just these situations that affect the health of the water. Misuse or overuse of products also does the same. Besides that bad aspect of greenish water, some of the impacts that all these factors cause, are viruses, dermatitis, and infectious conjunctivitis.

Aware of this, how can you plan maintenance? Well, it’s always a wise idea to call a professional agency for pool service in Manteca Ca. This will ensure safe and perfect cleaning. However, if you want to try DIY, this post will help!.

Maintenance is critical for you and your family to enjoy the pool safely. Each task has its periodicity. Some can be done daily, others weekly, monthly and even yearly. However, all require attention and the correct use of equipment and products.

No idea where to start cleaning? Learn more about maintaining a pool.

Check and Fix the Alkalinity

While monitoring the pool, to ensure the health of swimmers, alkalinity is one of the most important aspects that you need to check. It is the acid-neutralizing capacity. The ideal pool alkalinity is 100ppm (parts per million), and it influences the level of pH stability. To measure it, there are test kits available on the market. You can easily go ahead and take help from an expert in pool service Manteca like us. It will help to get the best result.

Test the pH Level

The acronym pH stands for "hydrogen potential". This is the measure of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. In other words, it is a scale that indicates whether a solution is acidic, neutral or alkaline. Ideally, the water pH should vary between 7.0 and 7.4. This will mean that the pool is in good condition.

Check the Filtration

Filtration serves to trap dirt and particles that cause water imbalance. The process can be done through activated charcoal, sand, porous stone, canvas, among other forms. The filter, like any other equipment, needs to be serviced regularly. Otherwise, it is unable to handle waste efficiently. We as the experts of pool service Manteca, recommend filtering at least once a day.

Be careful about the outdoor area.

Of course, cleaning the pool itself is important, but have you ever wondered how important it is that the outdoor area is also sanitized? Factors such as the movement of people and animals, the presence of plants and the action of the wind can all contribute to getting dirt from outside into the pool. So, you need to clean the outside gear, edge, and deck daily. Always clean from the inside out, i.e. start at the edge and keep cleaning in the opposite direction to the pool. This prevents dust, leaves and other elements from falling inside.

Keep an eye on skimmer and prefilter to ensure the cleanliness of pools

The skimmer is a device that locates on the side of the pool. It has the function of catching dirt on the water surface. It’s cleaning should be done weekly, to ensure the proper functioning of the appliance. To do this, open it and remove it from the collector.

The skimmer is a device that locates on the side of the pool. It has the function of catching dirt on the water surface. It’s cleaning should be done weekly, to ensure the proper functioning of the appliance. To do this, open it and remove it from the collector.

Pay attention to the surface and walls.

Even with the skimmer and prefilter, something may remain in the water. So, you should have a daily screening routine to remove leaves, insects, twigs or any other debris that maybe there. For wall cleaning, you should use a soft bristle pool brush. This removes body fat, sunscreen debris and even sweat from bathers. These can result in algae, bacteria, fungi, and spots on these surfaces.

Decant and then vacuum the bottom

Decanting is a process that separates solid elements from pool water, that is, it separates dirt particles from water particles. This process is done through a pool decanter.

Apply it and wait at least 12 hours - or the duration stated on the product packaging. After this time, the aspiration can be done, since the debris will lie in the bottom of the pool.

The work is much easier this way, but be aware, this is the most thorough and careful step. You should perform this cleaning slowly to prevent the particles that you have just separated from mixing back into the water. Pay special attention to the corners where most dirt usually accumulates.

Hope this post helps! Always remember, a clean, maintained pool can give you the real charm of a cool swimming session. So, getting this job done by professionals of pool service Manteca will eventually help in achieving the desired result. What are you waiting for? Give us a call and we would love to serve you with the best quality pool maintenance or cleaning service today!

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